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Two of the worst phrases heard in the workplace are also heard frequently in DC:  

1. "We do things that way because that's the way they have always been done."

2. "That's not my job."

Clearly things are not working and we need to see change.  We are responsible for holding our representatives accountable.  


More of us need to step up.  If you do not like something, do something about it. 


Its time to do something.    

Steinberger will secure our southern border and stop illegal immigration

From the Desk of Rob Steinberger:

As your Maryland congressman I will work tirelessly to put an end to illegal immigrants coming through our Southern Boarder.  At this moment, there is no greater responsibility for our Federal Government than securing our borders. 

I will ensure our Border Patrol and Customs agents can detain and deport illegal immigrants by providing them the resources, personnel, and the authority to truly secure our Southern Boarder.

I will work to ensure the latest technology is deployed to our Southern Boarder to serve as a force multiplier and protect areas where there are no natural or physical barriers preventing individuals from illegally entering the United States.


I will not listen to the red tape, bureaucratic excuses, and neglectful policies of the current administration.  I will be a leader in the fight to secure our southern border and stop illegal immigration.


We owe it to our children to provide as many  educational opportunities as possible. We must effectively utilize federal resources for our schools, strengthen financial aid and student loan programs, and help career and technical education programs to ensure that every student can learn, grow and achieve their educational goals.


Our nation's healthcare system is in need of reform to ensure all those that need it can access high-quality, comprehensive and affordable services and necessary prescriptions.  This reform also includes strengthening the U.S. public health infrastructure, supporting the nurses, doctors and the rest of the health care workforce and investing to advance medical practices and find cures.  

Military & Veterans

Our military and our Veterans must be properly supported - be it in active duty or upon their return to civilian life.  We can never fully repay the debt we owe our Veterans.  We, as a nation, are obligated to fulfill our commitments to them, whether it be in healthcare support or other services, such as securing housing, higher education and/or  gainful employment. 

Jobs and the Economy

Maryland and the U.S. need policies that support small businesses, empower entrepreneurs, encourage economic growth, and create good-paying local jobs.  This will, in turn, help us work together to build stronger communities and secure our financial future and the U.S.'s position as a global economic leader. 

We are stewards of our environment for our children and generations beyond. We are keenly aware of this here in the Chesapeake Bay area and understand how easily actions in other areas can affect the state of the bay.  Environmental policies can be good for our environment and for business.  These are not mutually exclusive goals.  

Cyber Security

Maryland has become a critical center for increased development and deployment of cyber capabilities to protect our interests both locally and nationally. As a nation, we must continue to actively invest in this development, improve international partnerships, and enhance federal support of cyber operations and the necessary corresponding technology and operational capabilities. 


While I am personally opposed to abortion, I believe in a woman’s autonomy and right to make her own decisions, and especially so in
cases of rape, incest or risk to the health of the mother.  I do not support federal funding for abortion (with the exception of those cases mentioned above), and believe that there should be a limitation on stages at which this can be done.   I am against partial abortions and third trimester abortions, unless explicitly for the safety of the mother.

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